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The p/c Holiday Gift Guide | HIM edition!

I am a big fan of homemade gifts – as will still give you a few suggestions! – but sometimes there are things we cannot make, some people don’t have the time or the patience and there are projects and brands that deserve to be supported!

With this in mind, I’ve created FOUR Please Consider Holiday Gift Guides gift guides, with products I love from projects I know.
<3 for him
<3 for her, click here to check my tips
<3 for the kids, link when posted
<3 for the home, link when posted

Is it only me, or shopping for men is much harder than for women?
That’s why I came up with this guide to provide with some inspiration of actually useful and high-quality goods that any dude will appreciate.

Below the image, you will find details like the link to where to buy and a small description by yours truly.
Please note that none of this content is sponsored, I am purely happy to share the love.


holiday gift guide for him | please consider | joana limao


Backpack nº369
Beautifully made backpack using Portuguese materials, great for a weekend adventure. It has a large capacity due to the unbuckling option. Interior carefully made too.
Perfect for your adventurous friends or boyfriends!

Os Bárbaros Beard Co.
Bear Oil
This long-lasting product is made using only natural oils and deeply nourishes the beard. Available in 3 fragrances.
To your lumberjack friend, who loves his beard more than himself.

Cork & Co.
Magic Wallet
Made entirely out of cork (and rubber elastics), this is an easy, practical and thin wallet to carry the most important cards and some bills. Fits more than it seems to.
Perfect for brothers and cousins, always in need of a new nice quality wallet!

Traveler’s Notebook
Made in collaboration with Nomad travel agency, this notebook is especially thought out to please all the nomad travelers out there. It has a beautiful cover + elastic band to protect from any adversities and the inside has ruled, monthly grid and sketch white paper.
I am simply addicted to this notebook and, while I don’t buy one for myself, I’ll buy one for my travel-addict best friend.

Shark Drunk
Morten Stroksnes
This book is about two friends who take a trip to the Arctic Circle, on a rubber boat, to pursuit the famous Greenland shark. Together, “they tackle existential questions and encounter the world’s most powerful maelstrom as they attempt to understand the ocean from every possible angle”. By turns thrilling, wise, and hilarious, Shark Drunk is a celebration of adventure, marine life, and, above all, friendship.
Perfect gift for all dads and uncles.

Sarja Coat
Beautiful Portuguese brand crafting nice quality clothes. They are usually expensive (you pay good materials and good design) but this one is on sale for a bargain! Run!
For your hipster friends.

Lisbon Tea Co.
Pear and Cardamom Tea
The famous West region Portuguese pear is gently combined with cardamom to make an unforgettable infusion, sweet, spicy and delicious.
Great gift for your friend who loves Portugal and desperately wants to move in.

As Portuguesas
Black Fever Avantgarde flipflops
I discovered this brand and had to incorporate it into the guide! With ecologic concerns, As Portuguesas is a Portuguese brand of Brazilian inspired flipflops.
Perfect for the sunny weather lover guy.

by Stró
Vietnam Jute Bag XL
Ecologic and sustainable, this bag is made from original Vietnamese coffee sacks and the brand offers inter-changeable straps. Ideal for the beach or to fit those big family needs
For your father-of-three-friend or for your friend who takes too many things everywhere he goes.

John Masters Organics
Hair Pomade
Organic care for men’s hair, this natural pomade is made of beeswax, mango butter and pure essential oils. It helps to style the hair and also provides shine and moisture.
Perfect for that friend you know hair-cares 🙂


Happy Holidays and happy *conscious* shopping!

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