About me

I’m Joana and I am the face behind Please Consider.

My love for what’s natural, simple and whole brought me where I am today. I studied both Design and Culinary Arts, worked at the hospitality industry and then turned to a more natural and conscious lifestyle. That’s what I love sharing with you. I’ve been collaborating with big and small brands, creatives and cafes.

If you’re keen on learning more about my story and my mission, keep reading 🙂

I love cooking since I can remember. I also enjoy drawing, painting, caligraphy and watercolour and that’s probably why I have an Arts background since middleschool and the reason I studied Design at uni.

My love for fresh ingredients, cooking techniques, mixing flavours and textures, creating new recipes that please a crowd and, now, inspire others to cook more, led me to quit design school and try to sneak in at all the restaurants I could work at. That summer went by in a second, as I learnt as much as I could for 3 months at 4 or 5 different places, from Lisbon to Algarve, Portugal.

I knew I had to study, so Culinary Arts was my jam for 1,5 years and I loved it. Later, having had practices in both Lisbon and Barcelona, working looong hours and being under a lot of tension and stress, I started to realize that maybe that kind of cooking wasn’t for me. I was pleasing a crowd but I was cooking the same everyday, my love for ingredients was gone and all I wanted to do was run away from the restaurant after service.

I needed to reconnect and find a way of being happy through my work (and not only after it!).

During my off days, I would whip up simple meals and take photos of them with either my phone or my point and shoot camera. I developed a slight obsession for seeing other people’s recipes, imagining them as being my own and that I was them, cooking in the country side, throwing delicious feasts with seasonal products… Well, blogs! I was definitely checking out way too many cooking blogs.

I already had my own little cosy home on the Internet but I kept it to myself, never promoted it and only a few knew about it. Later on that year, I got an invitation to start a new blog, a website that reflected my self and my food. I couldn’t believe that was happening and I jumped right in!

Lemonaid.pt was born and, in almost 3 years, gave me so many good things and opportunities. I started small and reached quite a following in a short time. It seemed people were enjoying my recipes, made with all natural ingredients and, more and more, plant based.

My love for cooking was (and is!) still on, but soon other concepts started to ring all my bells. Cooking is a labour of love and that resonated with me. Sharing love with people around me and also with myself, I started to feel the difference of living in love, grateful and happy from the inside out and I felt like I needed to share it with my followers. In the same way, I started to learn the importance and urgency in being respectful to our planet, going organic, helping the farmers, being more natural everytime we can… And once again, I felt like sharing.

This urge for sharing other subjects made me start daydreaming about another project where I could really show you my broader vision about all things conscious, natural and whole. And maybe inspire you, just a tiny bit, so you can take a few new steps into living with more awareness. A cooking blog wasn’t enough anymore, so Please Consider started to gain its shape.

My mission

I love all things natural, conscious, whole and homemade.

I believe that, nowadays, the ultimate acessment for the word ‘modern’ is to respect the planet we live in and to be in harmony with it. Without dramas or super-hard-to-take steps. I feel we can all make a difference in this world and I want to inspire you to make yours, step by step.

That’s why I want you to, please, consider a more conscious way of living; just try it, follow my lead.

Please consider trying new ingredients, techniques and flavours when cooking. Consider being more plant-based, eating your veggies, your greens, your fruits, making sure you get all the fiber, nutrients and vitamins you need.

. . .

Please consider different options for your cosmetics, learn homemade concoctions that can pamper your skin from the outside in. Try to exclude those harsh chemicals from your routine.

. . .

Please consider other products to clean your house, natural homemade scents to perfume each room and other ideas to make your place a bit greener.

. . .

Please consider looking inside yourself, learn to love your body, mind and soul for what it is already and dive deep into growing your mind, while learning to connect with your soul.

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