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A few months ago I attended a great Choucroute Workshop tought by Hugo, from the food+sustainability platform Local. I already knew how to make it but I was more curious on what’s behind it, its history and how it is, since ancient times, so deeply connected to healh.

You know that fermented veggies – like choucroute – was one of the things that stopped scurvy during the Discoveries period? Oh yeah! Due to its high content in Vitamin C, sailors were able to fight the disease naturally.

Hugo shared some of his favourite fermented vegetables and I was stoked with the turnip one.
That week I tried it with some old turnips I had in the fridge. It was so good, I finished the batch watching a documentary. What, popcorn? Chips? No, fermented turnips for me, thanks!
Needed to share this one with you, so here it goes.

There’s really no miracle recipe for it, has there isn’t for most choucroutes. The main idea is: veggies + artisanal salt. Massage vigorously until liquid releases. Press it all in jars and fill them up almost until the brim. Cover with turnip peels. Wait. Fermentation process. Open and enjoy!


fermented turnips | please consider | joana limao fermented turnips | please consider | joana limao fermented turnips | please consider | joana limao

Fermented Turnips

Sea salt

Gently wash the turnips and peal them, saving some of the peals to cover the jars.
Grate them or cut them in match sticks, the thinest you can.

2. Add them to a bowl with a pinch of salt and massage the veggies very well. You’re transferring your energy so make sure you are in a good place and pass all them good vibezzz 🙂

3. When they start to release liquid, press it all inside the jars, liquid and all, and top with the turnip peals, like shown in the images.


fermented turnips | please consider | joana limao


4. Let it sit and ferment. It all depends on the temperature of the room but if it is warmer it will be faster, if colder, slower. Anyways, Expect, at least, one week for it to ferment. You’ll se a few tiny bubbles forming.

5. Open, enjoy it and keep it in the fridge.


Show me your recipes by tagging them on instagram with #pleaseconsiderfood.


fermented turnips | please consider | joana limao

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