Homemade Body Butter

Every year I think about what I’ll make this time as Christmas gifts. Ever since I can remember I like to offer a few homemade goodies to my family and friends. I love taking that extra-time to give a little bit of myself to others.

Once I believe in a natural approach to pretty much everything, I tend to share that with the people I love the most. Today, I want to share with you my homemade body butter.

It is a great moisturizer, especially for those drier and most forgotten parts of our body such as the elbows and heels. This body butter is also a great after-sun alternative because it nourishes the skin deeply.
This body butter will harden up a bit, but try taking a little with your hand and spread it through your body and it will start melting immediatly.


Homemade Body Butter

You’ll need:
1 cup of coconut oil
½ cup of cacao butter
6 leaves of rosemary or another aromatic (fresh herb, spice, essential oil)
1. In a water bath, melt the coconut oil with the cocoa butter and the chosen aromatic.
2. Allow the mixture to cool until almost solid and beat it well with an electric mixer to incorporate air.
The mixture will be white and fluffy, ready to use.
3. Close the jars and wrap in a pretty gift.
with love,

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