Stress-Free Winter Morning Routine

Winter mornings, for me, mean warm jumpers, scented candles, heater on, hot tea or latte, incense burning and steaming showers.
But let’s be honest, most mornings we just don’t have the time. Most mornings we hurry to leave on schedule, take a quick shower and whip up a simple breakfast. Most mornings start on a stressful note, but what if I told you that the way you start your morning can influence your whole day?

Just by waking up 10, 20min earlier, you can enjoy the pleasure of freshly steeped tea, take a quick face massage or light a candle and give thanks for another day to come. Incorporating new things in your routine will make it new + refreshing and thus liven up your spirit and soul.

Oh my… And what if you can’t (or won’t) wake up 20min earlier? Good news for you too! There’s a few tiny changes you can incorporate in your everyday routine too!


winter morning routine | please consider | joana limao


Today I’m sharing some simple steps I like to take every morning, adapted to these cold and wet wintery days.
Find what works for you and accept that not all days will be perfect.

  • Pukka Womankind tea w/ extra rose petals, just for the fun | takes 2 extra minutes to boil
    This tea is specially formulated for women, the blend has balancing and soothing properties, B vitamins and Shatavari. Besides, the flavour is one of my favourites!
    I love drinking it in the morning to feel the benefits and heat me up before a busy day.
  • 31 days of affirmations | takes 3 extra minutes
    Affirmations are a strong way to manifest your intentions as they reshape the energy and set the tone for change. I created a printable for you, read more and download it here.
    Take a random intention from the jar or work around the ones that suit your life right now.


  • Smudging sage and palo santo | takes 2-10 extra minutes
    My favourite way to uplift energies, I feel the vibes shifting around me when I smudge instantanously. If you have a bit of extra time, create a morning cleansing ritual. If not, skip it and do it at night or on the weekends.
    See here how to smudge and how to make your own sage bundle.


  • Make my own aromatherapy shower | no extra time!
    This is my favourite spa moment of the day, everyday, thanks to Lee. I basically attach a small bunch of fresh eucalyptus to the shower head and enjoy the scented steam. Once eucaplyptus oil is steam-extracted, you can benefit from its antibacterial, expectorant, invigorating and relaxing properties while in the shower!
    Just need to replace when it gets dried and looses its fragrance.
  • Watering plants, be present, take care of them, touch – makes me feel grounded | takes 2-5 extra minutes
    Watering my plants, check the leaves, take care of them really makes me feel grounded. I notice that even a quick moment of connection with nature soothes my soul and leaves me feeling connected.


Last but not least…!

  • Upgrade my skincare routine | takes 1 extra minute
    This one takes no extra-time and feels extra good! You’re taking care of your amazing skin so be present. Apply an exfoliant every week (I do it whenever I wash my hair), massage the moisturizer a little deeper and with a soft 30sec round movements self-massage.
    Bare in mind that you are worthy of being pampered and deserve all the love in the world.I am particularly obsessed with this exfoliant here. It is a very soft scrub but an actually good one (I’m picky) with natural ingredients including good fats to keep skin nourished and purifying plants like algae and citrus.I’ve also been applying this serum and I can’t stress enough its afficacy and how happy my skin is. It is very light, like a thick water, and has a sweet almond aroma that is not overpowering. Great base for your favourite moisturizer.

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