What’s on my Desk?

Whenever I have planned a few hours of computer work, I try to set a nice environment for myself. I get a few questions every week about tips, what I use, how I do it… So here it goes, a small list of tips on my “workspace must-haves”:

You know that quote: “A busy desk is a busy mind”? That makes total sense for me and I always try to start with a clean desk and fresh ideas.
Remove what you feel disturbs your peace and keep the space neutral.

I’m sensitive when it comes to the environment I’m working at and, if sometimes I can be focused working from a café, other days I need absolutely zero voices around me. I listen to a lot of instrumental music like classical, jazz or electronic but I think my favourite is A Soft Murmur, a website where you can choose the sounds you wanna listen to from a range of nature melodies – I’m listening to it as I write these lines 🙂 – waves, fire, birds, wind, rain… It is just so good!

I get overwhelmed easily when I think of the loads of work I need to get done. Candles really help me to calm down and feel relaxed, so I like to light up a few.
I also like to have a few plants, crystals and other beautiful objects that make sense to me at that specific time.

Always keep water or tea close to you while working. How often you get up with that excuse “I’ll just get a glass of water” and you end up checking social media, googling some random concept or eating some snacks just because?
Also, staying hydrated keeps your mind sharp and your whole body going.
I like to have still water, with lemon for a bit of taste, and tea to keep me warm and cozy.

Lavender, rosemary, mint, bergamot… There are many essential oils that can help you focus. Either use a roll-on formula and apply it on both wrists and temples or turn on your diffuser for some super-focused-scented-air.

I’m a paper person and I like to write everything down, organize my tasks in to-do lists and put my thoughts onto paper.
Try to choose recycled paper + fair trade company and make the best of every page!


what's on my desk | please consider | joana limao

Above you can see some of my desk situations throughout the past year, I hope they inspire you to organize your working space and feel more grounded in it 🙂

I work from home so I understand you may feel it’s easier for me to set up these “moods” but I also work from cafés and from a coworking space and Iike to take a few essentials like my water/tea, notebooks, oils, and earphones.

What are your must-haves around your desk? Share with me via comments and use the Instagram hashtag #pleaseconsiderworkspace 🙂

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