Stress Free Cooking | Please Consider Playlist

Here I am sharing another playlist with you guys.

I get a few questions on the tunes I listen to on Instagram so, if you like them, start by following me on Spotify! My username is @joanamlimao.

I have been listening to this playlist nonstop, some songs are more quiet, some a bit more lively and upbeat, but always emanating good vibes, just as you want these Summer months to be.

Don’t miss some of my favorite songs: Satsang’s I Am, I’ve been listening to this singer’s inspirational songs all-of-the-time; La Javanaise and my eternal love for Mayra Andrade, here in a melodious version of Serge Gainsbourg’s classic; Fresh Roses, I love this song, it gives me a feeling of “it’s all right” and I’m not even sure why; Young Souls is simply Summer-in-a-song, rocky beach dives, sandy towels and ice cream off the beach!

Love them! Hope you love them too 🙂

Share your favourite playlists with me through the comments!

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