Self-care Sundays

I don’t know anymore how I got in touch with the self-care Sundays concept but I felt super in tune with it. We all need to make time for ourselves in these busy routines we all have, right?
So I quickly started to save a bit of my Sundays to pamper myself and love me inside and out.




You need to be at your best to be able to give your best to others.

Ever felt completely drained after a weekend full of events? Visiting family members, dinners with friends, sleeping late, eating poorly – but it’s the weekend right, I am supposed to have fun and enjoy those two days to the fullest right? – right. But this also means respecting your body and taking good care of it.
Practicing self-care routines consistently have quick, short-term effects: you’ll be more relaxed, positive, and productive; but also proves to have long-term consequences (scroll down to the end of this article for a very interesting TEDtalk I want to share with you).
What we do and eat can affect our gene expression (epigenetics) and may even have an influence over our children and grandchildren. Being consistent with our practice will also teach us resilience and will give us self-confidence.



I believe self-care should be an everyday practice. Even when just taking 5 minutes to be in silence during the day, I am practicing self-care. When I am choosing a homemade plant-rich meal oven a nutrient-deficient fast food option, I am taking good care of myself.
With this said, now try to make the best of your Sunday – or your day-off – with some sacred self-care practices and you will end the weekend on a much higher, happier, prouder note.
“A Sunday well spent, brings a week of content”.
I like to “shut down” around 6pm, turn off strong lights + my phone, light up a few candles, lay some pillows, set my crystals and maybe start with a small smudging ritual, click to see how I make mine.


No. Saying no to an invitation to take good care of us is an investment in ourselves. How will you share your energy and love with the world if you aren’t already cultivating it inside?
Enjoy your self-care practices without the guilt!!

This is of major importance for me as, a while back, I was doing my self-care just to pencil it off my to-do list and feel good about myself.
I wasn’t present and I would just do it to be able to say “ok Jo, you took care of yourself for 30 minutes, now go and kill it another week, take extra hours, fit in all the meetings, give it your all.”
Doing our self-care routines will not make it ok to abuse on our bodies the rest of the week. Self-respect is key.



What we can do always depend on our needs at the time, on our tastes and on our availability.
Making a special nutrient-dense breakfast for ourselves can be an idea, while spending the afternoon enjoying an art exhibition can be another.
The main thing though, is to be present. Just be here in this moment, with all your heart, soul and brain. Focus on the actions you are taking and nurture your temple from the outside-in, inwards. It is preferable to to it for 10 full-hearted minutes, than to be doing it for an hour but be thinking about our crazy work hours or how that series ends.
This is the biggest consequence of a self-care routine – self-LOVE, self-respect and self-nurturing.

Below, I share three themed self-care Sunday suggestions. Feel free to mix & match and add your own to your routine!


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The Morning Routine

  • Sleep in. Respect your body and give it a good rest. Stay in bed, enjoy the warmth of your duvet and even go back to sleep if you can.
  • Take a few minutes to meditate and be with yourself in silence.
  • Make breakfast, plate it beautifully and enjoy it calmly with no distractions.
  • Take your time in the shower, exfoliate, nourish your hair with a mask and your body with a good moisturizer after shower.
  • Try this Mádara line, Smart, specially tailored to suit young women needs, first wrinkles, oxidation and early aging signs. I got it from Organii Bio and I’m specially loving the eye cream, so good!


The Afternoon Routine

  • Prepare a nice latte, a soothing infusion or even this smoothie.
  • Set your intentions for the week, write them and put them in a place you can see often.
  • Make a natural face mask by mixing oat flour with honey and olive oil until creamy and dense. Apply to the face and let it sit for 15 minutes. Rinse with warm water, put some coconut oil and finish with Mádara Smart to fight oxidation and keep the natural skin’s collagen.
  • Read something you’ve been putting back.
  • Don’t use your phone anymore. Turn it off and enjoy life offline 🙂


The Street Routine

  • Get outside and take a nice walk. If you like, with music (your favourite songs, sing them out!), podcasts, audio books.
  • Go to a cultural event that you love: exhibition, concert, play, science, movies.
  • Choose a place with a view (in Lisbon we have beautiful miradouros), go there, enjoy it and take it in.
  • Count your blessings, think about of the things in life you take for granted and are a constant miracle. Give thanks for them. Practice gratefulness.


Check out this TEDx Talk about keeping a self-care routine and passing it on to your kids:


I hope this article inspired you to take better care of yourself!
With love,

Share your self-care moments with me using the hashtag #pleaseconsiderliving.

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