Please Consider Charity Basket

This Summer, a large part of Portuguese forests were devastated by wildfires that destroyed dozens of first and second home properties as well as a very big number of working areas, from agriculture and grazing to workshops, garages and offices. There is a lot to be done and this calamity can not be forgotten.

With this in mind, I came up with a super giveaway, the Please Consider Charity Basket!
Although it is more directed to Portuguese readers, everyone is welcome to help and donate – just by sending your proof of payment to my e-mail, you are already signed-up to win the basket!

100% of all the proceeds will directly go to Não Vamos Esquecer, a platform that was formed right after the fires and is highly commited to directly help the victims of this tragedy.

The lucky winner will receive, directly in their home, a lot of goodies from some o my favourite brands, they are:

  • Quinta do Arneiro
  • Organii Bio
  • Maria Granel
  • Iswarii Super Foods
  • mishmash
  • Vegan Vibe Box
  • Trinca Bio
  • ClementinAtelier
  • Mufla
  • doTERRA


How does it work?

1- Transfer, at least 5,00€ to Não Vamos Esquecer’s account
Não Vamos Esquecer – PT50.0033.0000.00048400701.18

2. Send the proof of payment to [email protected] and identify yourself with your Instagram or Facebook account (so I can reach out when you win!)
Like this: FB Please Consider (or) IG joanamlimao

3. Share publically and tag aaaalllthe friends so we can reach everyone and we get more people to donate!


The winner will be announced over Facebook and Instagram and I will also announce the final number of donations.

Let’s help this cause?

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