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The p/c Holiday Gift Guide | KIDS edition!

When it comes to offering gifts kids, I admit, I am the old stubborn who will resist to give them another computer game or plastic toy. I think children have enough distractions from the “real world” and if we can make an impact on them and help them to be present in life, we should. Today I am sharing a mix of my favourite things as a kid and also some findings from nice independent shops in this country.
Shoutout to So-So Store, Quer in Príncipe Real and A Venda for their missions and their offer of products!

I am a big fan of homemade gifts – and will still give you a few suggestions! – but sometimes there are things we cannot make, some people don’t have the time or the patience and there are projects and brands that deserve to be supported!

With this in mind, I’ve created FOUR gift guides, with products I love from projects I know.
<3 for the kids
<3 for her, see here my favourite suggestions
<3 for him, click here to check my tips
<3 for the home, link when posted

Below the image, you will find all the details like the price, the link to where to buy and a small description by yours truly.

Please note that none of this content is sponsored, I am purely happy to share the love.



holiday gift guide for the kids | please consider | joana limao


Bunny Hat
Cute little hat made of 100% baby alpaca. Meaning the baby will be warm throughout the whole winter!
A sweet gift for nieces and nephews!

Baby Balm
Formulated with moisturizing oils and calming herbs to nurture and protect sensitive skin. Rich in olive oil, true roman chamomile, and gentle calendula, this balm will soothe diaper rashes or simply nurture the baby’s skin after bath. Also used for baby massages.
Perfect for your friend’s newborn baby.

A Menina do Mar
Sophia de Mello Breyner Andersen
This was one of my favourite books when I was a kid and I plan to pass it on to my children. A beautifully written story about the friendship of a boy and a girl, he lives in the land and she lives in the sea. Together, they get to know many things about each other’s worlds.
A really nice suggestion to any +7-year-old.

Trinca Bio
Granola Snack Pack
A delicious and useful snack that kids will love. Perfect to take to school and make them try new things every day, this pack comes with five different granola flavours and they will have a hard time picking their favourite.
To small gourmands of any age.

So-So Store
Fishing Toy
Toys are never one too many, right? This one is special as, not only it promises to keep them entertained for hours and is 100% handmade in natural pinewood, but the game will raise awareness about sea pollution and help kids realize that we need to take care of out planet. Wins whoever gets more trash from the ocean.
Go fish!
For all 4 to 6-year-olds.

Um Barra Um
Tokay Notebook
A beautiful notebook made by a Portuguese brand. Um Barra Um always has carefully curated prints and designs and all products are hand sewn.
To that kid who has an eye for design.

Stockmar at Cristina Siopa
Bees’ Wax Crayons
I had these crayons throughout all my childhood and absolutely loved them, I felt more artistic due to their shape and my mom didn’t need to be worried if I would eat them – they are non-toxic, made using only natural bees’ wax and dying pigments. These crayons are also washable with warm water if painted on walls, tables or sofas. Another plus? They last a lifetime!
For your artsy & craftsy kid.


Happy Holidays and happy *conscious* shopping!

with love,

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