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The p/c Holiday Gift Guide | HER edition!

I am a big fan of homemade gifts – and will still give you a few suggestions! – but sometimes there are things we cannot make, some people don’t have the time or the patience and there are projects and brands that deserve to be supported!

With this in mind, I’ve created FOUR Please Consider Holiday Gift Guides, with products I love from projects I know.
<3 for her
<3 for him, link when posted
<3 for the kids, link when posted
<3 for the home, link when posted

Below the image, you will find details like the link to where to buy and a small description by yours truly.


Please note that none of this content is sponsored, I am purely happy to share the love.


holiday gift guide | please consider | joana limao


Allis Jewellery
Top Finger Ring TFM004
Love these rings for the top fingers handmade by Inês and Rute.
Great gift for those ring-addicted friends.

Nulla Atelier
Handmade Ceramics
Ever since I discovered Ricardo’s work I became a fan. The humble way he speaks about what he does and the sparkle in his eyes… I am so happy to feature his work on the guide. There isn’t an online shop yet, but feel free to reach out and order your pieces.
Perfect for that coffee/tea lover in your life.

Sports Top
This Portuguese yoga-driven brand has so many beautiful pieces. They take the brande very seriously and have eco and fair-trade concerns.
This top is the perfect choice for your sportsy friend!

Body Brush
Every since I started dry brushing, my skin has become softer and softer. Voya is a high qualityorganic brand and sells in Portugal through Organii.
Great for your picky friend who’s always saying her skin is “this and that”. Better than any cream, these brushes last years.

RMS Beauty
MOD Collection Signature Set
My favourite make-up brand is selling in Lisbon through Skin Life Chiado and is open for orders through the website. All RMS products are organic and mineral based with minimal packages – always biodegradable, recyclable or reusable. Their main goal is to transform the way women wear make-up. (read here the philosophy)
Perfect for your makeup nerd friend!

Menstrual Cup
No women should use tampons or pads anymore, right? Do you know that the regular woman uses 10,000-12,000 disposable menstrual products in her lifetime? WOW right?
Amazing gift for every woman but, let’s face it, you won’t give it to your boss. I think it’s a great gift for sisters, cousins and besties!

Mayumi Origami
Hexa Earrings
I immediatly fell in love for this cute Origami inspired Portuguese brand. All products are high quality and love each detail, like the fact you can’t see the actual ear piercing whole.
Perfect for your boss or work colleague.

Lemon Balm Herbal Tea
Seriously the tastiest herbal teas you will taste. Carefully harvested and packed by a sweet Portuguese couple. Lemon balm is great to calm down, sooth headaches and overall flu simptoms.
Great gift for aunties and grandmas, or grandma-friends like me!

Oficina Shanti
Handmade Shoes
Beautiful handmade everything is what this cool conscious brand has to offer. I particularly love the shoes and think are the perfect piece for any Summer trip.
For your travel-addict friend!



Happy Holidays and happy *conscious* shopping!

with love,

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