Olive Oil Butter

One ingredient I connect with warm Autumny days is butter. Smothered on freshly made toast, used to sautée some mushrooms or to finish a dish for added creaminess and richness. YUM!

It is something I don’t have as much of these days, so I want to share with you an easy replacement for it, especially for toast, that everyone will love and ask you for the recipe. The Olive Oil Butter.


olive oil butter | please consider | joana limao


The first time I made it was for the launch of Gallo Bio, an organic olive oil that I’ve been working for, and everyone got crazy about it asking me how to make it. This is the last recipe I’m going to share as part of this collaboration and I’m gonna link the other ones below, in case you haven’t seen them and want to try:

  • The Easiest Savoury Crackers | super easy to make, you can season them in a variety of ways that will make different versions of the same base recipe;
  • Mushroom Ceviche | really fresh Summery dish, this ceviche’s acidity is balanced by the richness of the olive oil;
  • Cucumber and Melon Soup | a quick soup you can make any day with a very special topping made out of olive oil, fresh herbs, and hemp seeds;
  • Olive Oil Cornbread | my take on the traditional cornbread with the special taste of this comforting olive tree nectar.


This butter really shows out the olive oil you make it with, so make sure you use a good quality, cold-pressed, organic Olive Oil.
You can then flavour the butter to your own likings. Lemon zest and fresh chili is a favourite of mine, parsley and lime is also a great combo, chopped olives, and dried tomato is perfect for an appetizer’s board. Well, you know, the sky is the limit. Curry, miso, radishes, etc.


olive oil butter | please consider | joana limao olive oil butter | please consider | joana limao


Olive Oil Butter
makes a 250gr block

100gr Olive Oil (I chose Gallo Bio)
140gr unflavoured coconut oil
1/2 tbsp lemon juice
1/4 tsp sea salt

1. Blend all ingredients and try it so you can adjust to your own taste,
2. Add any flavourings of your choice, if using.
3. Place the mix in a parchment paper lined bowl and refrigerate for, at least, 3-4 hours.
4. Remove from the fridge just before serving, unmold from the bowl and decorate for a fancier look! Enjoy.


with love,

olive oil butter | please consider | joana limao

olive oil butter | please consider | joana limao

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