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If there’s one thing I absolutely adore this time of year is that Holiday scent you get everywhere. From the homemade cookies when they’re out of the oven to the smell of freshly cut cedar or pine branches for the decorations… Smells can make us feel cozy and invited and one of my favourite feelings is arriving home to a warm atmosphere smelling like cinnamon, orange, cedar and ginger.

I already shared with you this Citrous Rind Home Diffusers – that you can offer as DIY gifts as well! – and today I am sharing the easiest Homemade Home Spray.

Comfort Winter is, without a doubt, my favourite Christmas natural oil and it’s what I am using for this recipe. Feel free to use your favourite scents but always choose good quality essential oils. You can buy a few from Organii or from doTERRA, just click the brands to see their offer.


homemade home spray | please consider | joana limao homemade home spray | please consider | joana limao


Comfort Winter Home Spray

1 cup alcohol (gin, vodka…)
5 cups distilled water
1 tbsp Comfort Winter oil, or 5-6 drops of essential oils of choice
jars with a spray attachment
greenery or flowers to decorate

1. Pour the alcohol, distilled water and oils to a bowl. Mix well.
2. Decorate the jars as desired.
3. Pour the mix into the jars and close well.
4. Spray around hour house and clothes. With the minimal presence of oils in this homemade products, I haven’t experienced any stains or marks on my fabrics.


Happy Holidays!!
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homemade home spray | please consider | joana limao

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