Homemade Christmas Gifts | Chalkboard Mugs

Looking for an easy, fit-for-all, not expensive type of Christmas gift?
Look no further! You can even get all the kids involved if that’s the case 🙂

They look cute just like this, wrapped in a nice way, or you can take an extra step and offer a full set with the mug like:
Hot Chocolate | cacao powder, coconut sugar, dark chocolate squares, sprinkles, candy cane for decoration or homemade natural marshmallows
Golden Milk | golden milk mix (click here for the recipe), cinnamon sticks for decoration, cute straw to drink it from
Tea Selection | selection of your favourite loose-leaf teas, reusable tea bag, nice spoon to stir the tea

I just bought some cheap, cute, artisanal ceramic mugs, ceramic paint, and white chalkboard pen. That’s it! Wanna see how I did it?


chalkboard mugs diy | please consider | joana limao chalkboard mugs diy | please consider | joana limaochalkboard mugs diy | please consider | joana limao


Chalkboard Mugs

You’re going to need:

  • ceramic mugs
  • alcohol
  • chalkboard ceramic paint ( I used Pébéo brand, available in craft shops)
  • paint brushes
  • home oven
  • white ink pens

1. Clean the mugs thoroughly with alcohol. I used a reusable cotton pad.
2. Paint the mugs in your desired way. Just search “chalkboard mugs” on Pinterest and you’ll find plenty of options, I just painted mine very simple and plain as I don’t love figures and shapes.
3. “Bake” the mugs according to the paint’s instructions and let them cool down.
4. The black effect will be quite shiny but you can make it more chalkboard looking: simply pass some chalk on it and clean it right after with a piece of cotton cloth.
5. Offer as a gift just like this, add a nice message, an eraser, and a white pen/chalk or prepare the full set as suggested above!


Happy Holidays!!
Show me your Please Consider creations by tagging them on Instagram with #pleaseconsiderfood and #pleaseconsiderxmas!


chalkboard mugs diy | please consider | joana limao

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