Hanging Advent Calendar

Since I was little I love the tradition of advent calendars. The days of waiting until Christmas, a little chocolate a day accompanied by a teaching, a story, or some explanation about the season we are living.
This time of year warms my heart like no other. For me it is really special to live truly the Christmas season, not only the 24th and 25th, but all the other days that precede them. I get more inspired and motivated.

I confess that, even now, as an adult, I continue to count the days in some way, I light a candle at the end of the day, I love to remember family and friends and pray for boh acquaintances and strangers.

Today I share with you this Hanging Advent Calendar, a very simple and very beautiful idea. It’s perfect for kids and adults!
Let´s get to work:

Hanging Advent Calendar

– 25 small gifts
(toys, magnets, candies, nuts, letters etc)
– Wrapping paper; I used kraft paper
– White pen
– Cotton thread for binding and hanging
– Piece of wood, trunk or board

1. Wrap the 25 presents, write in each package the number corresponding to the day on which each must open and tie with the cotton thread to the wood.
You can think of a logic for each gift or distribute them randomly for the days of the month.
2. Tie a thread to the two ends of the wood to help hang the advent calendar.
3. Open a gift a day until Christmas Day!

with love,

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