Halloween Smoothie

A spooky smoothie that’s good for your health? YES!

I don’t have the habit of celebrating Halloween and when it comes to decoration I like light tones and neutral colours. I have to admit Halloween for me is more about celebrating pumpkins and seasonal ingredients rather than dressing up and eating all the candy. Anyone relates?

But this one everyone will be excited about too! It’s healthy, “ugly” and delicious!! Triple hit!
This time I am using activated charcoal which helps to purify our bodies. Don’t worry, it’s not the barbecuing type! Activated charcoal is made with coconut or bamboo coals that are heated up to very high temperatures combined with certain gases allowing it to expand and become extremely porous. Once activated, the increased surface area of the molecules can bind powerfully to any substance.


halloween smoothie | please consider | joana limao halloween smoothie | please consider | joana limao

halloween smoothie | please consider | joana limao


Activated charcoal can have many benefits, from helping as poison and toxin remedy, beauty ingredient on hair and skin masks, whitening agent for oral care oils or pastes. In stick shape, I also use it to purify my water and it can also be found in air purifying products.
If you have any doubts about using this ingredient, please speak with your health practitioner first.

About this recipe?
A celebration of autumnal orange-y ingredients with the spookiness of activated charcoal! Easy, fast and yummy, let’s go for it:

Halloween Smoothie
Serves: 2

1 cup butternut squash, roughly chopped
2 medium carrots, roughly chopped
1 orange, peeled and deseeded
1 Hachiya persimmon, roughly chopped
1 knob of ginger
1 dash of cinnamon, to taste
1 tbsp activated charcoal powder
Bee’s pollen, for the topping

1. Blend squash, carrots, orange, persimmon, ginger and cinnamon until creamy and smooth.
2. Add the charcoal to half of the mixture and blend again to combine.
3. Create a third colour my stirring 1/5 black mixture with 4/5 orange mixture.
4. Layer the 3 coloured smoothies, create the black lines with the back of a spoon and top with bee’s pollen.

Don’t be scared to enjoy it!

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halloween smoothie | please consider | joana limao

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