Good Deeds Advent Calendar

Today I share another suggestion for a advent calendar, very easy to do and perfect to live this tradition with the youngest.

A calendar of good deeds suggests that each day until Christmas we take the suggested challenge. We can choose what we want, what makes sense for our family and according to our traditions.
This time I give 24 suggestions for children, but feel free to adapt them or create new ones for “grown-ups”!

Let’s get to work!

Good Deeds Advent Calendar

– 24 strips of paper
– 24 felt balls
– Liquid glue
– Pen
– Cotton yarn (I used brown cooking yarn)
– Thick needle

1. Write on each paper strip a number from 1 to 24 followed by a good action, leaving space at one end of the strip.
2. Glue each ball into the free space left on each strip of paper.
3. Pass the yarn through the needle and to the ball on the paper strip “24”, then the “23” and so on.
4. If you want, you can hang this advent calendar “garland” – it looks so beautiful! – or just keep it in a jar. The idea is to see every day what is the good action of the day and strive to fulfill it!

1- ask someone to explain you what is the Advent.
2- ask someone to tell you the story of Jesus.
3- help someone in your school.
4- today is your turn to set the table!
5- talk to someone different at school.
6- smile at people on the street!
7- bring tea or juice to your teacher and explain them the challenge.
8- make the Christmas tree with your family!
9- think of 4 good things that you have and thank for them.
10- today it’s your turn to help cleaning the kitchen.
11- make a true compliment to someone.
12- start reading a book about Christmas.
13- choose 4 toys that you no longer use and give them to those who need them.
14- distribute gifts to your friends!
15- watch a Christmas movie as a family!
16- Write and decorate Christmas cards. But send them in the mail!
17- at dinner, give thanks for having food, while there are others who do not have it.
18- say Thank you to your teachers and wish them Merry Christmas.
19- make cookies and distribute in your building / neighborhood.
20- give a gift to Jesus by giving something to someone who needs it.
21- tell your grandparents how much you love them!
22- create Christmas gifts made by you.
23- ask your parents to go see the Christmas lights.
24- be happy and merry tonight with your Family. It’s Christmas!

with love,

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