My Gift to You | Christmas Printables

This year I want to share with you some of my watercolours in the form of Christmas Cards and Gift Tags.

I’ve been watercolouring for so long and yet I never shared this with you. It is something I love doing to relax and unwind. In the last few years, I started to practice my handwritting and now it felt right to share a little bit of what I do.

These are made to be printed in a thick, good quality paper, and then cut into card/tag shapes. You can print them in full colour or opt for black and white version, for a more subtle look.

I wanted to prepare something beautiful for you to use in your Holidays. Kind of a Thank You gift, to show my gratefulness for your support, your love messages and your words that have helped me grow in so many ways.

*swipe down to open the gift I’ve prepared for you*


christmas printables | please consider | joana limao christmas printables | please consider | joana limao


When you use my Christmas Printables, please do share them with me!
E-mail me your recreations, tag me on social media or use the hashtag #pleaseconsiderxmas.
Share your favourites with your friends and family, I’m sure they will love them too.

Thinking about gifts, last year I also prepared something very special with all my readers.
I created 31 affirmation cards for you to print and use in your daily rituals.
Click here to know more about last year’s Christmas gift to you.

*swipe down to open the gift I’ve prepared for you*


christmas printables | please consider | joana limaochristmas printables | please consider | joana limao


Last but definetly not least, remember to be present during these times. Be joy, be happiness and be cheer. Notice the little things and prepare this season’s gatherings with love and care.
Think about each person while your’re wrapping their gifts and how much they mean to you.
That’s real Christmas. Love.

Click here to open the Christmas Printables I made for you !!



with tons of love,

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