Mindset Immersion | Bali, Indonesia

Bali is Peace.

Bali is going without expectations and coming back with a full heart. It’s the smiles of those who live there, the kindness of a people who could be greedy and opportunistic. But that is not.
Bali is a retreat by itself. It is crossing half world to open ourselves to our inner world. It is to be happy regardless of the weather, the schedule for that day, because every moment has magic my itself.

Bali does not have the best beaches in the world, truth; It does not have an incredible transport system, I agree; sometimes the bureaucracies take ages and the notion of time is different from ours, I know.
But it isn’t about that.

Bali makes us more grateful, it makes us appreciate the daily “ceremonies” and “offerings”, which we often do not understand why they are happening. Just because. Because giving thanks is necessary. Even when you don’t have to. Bali makes us see that.

And we are going back there in November, Alexandra and I, with a small group that is already starting to form.
Join us for days of pure relaxation while you work on your self. Personal development sessions with Alexandra and natural food taken care by me. Daily yoga classes, wellness massages, meditation sessions, cultural walks and a real immersion in Balinese lifestyle.
This is a time for you, get in touch with us by sending an email to [email protected]

We cannot wait to see you there <3  🙂
with love,
ps. see more photos by clicking here

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