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Ever since I can remember, I’ve been sending out Christmas cards every year. First to my grandparents and aunties and now to good friends, family and even some work colleagues. I just enjoy sharing the love during the Holidays and, to me, sending letters never went out of style!

I always think back to almost 20 years ago (WHAT?) when I used to happily draw a mix of golden bells, tall trees, beautifully wrapped presents and cute Santas all over my cards, then I would go for my best calligraphy skills and carefully write Merry Christmas and Happy New Year (always with capitals, because Capitals were Cool). I’d proudly lick each stamp and glue it onto the envelope, thinking about all the travel that tiny envelope would do, alongside with all the other cards of the world!

christmas cards | please consider | joana limao

I love this time of year, the warmth of the Holidays completely takes me away and you’ll easily find me listening to Xmas carols all-the-time, thinking about what I can make as a meaningful gift, who can I help, ideas for Xmas wreaths and, of course, how will my Christmas cards look like this year.

Today I’m sharing four really simple ideas with you. Christmas cards that you can make at home, with everyday tools. It’s also a great activity to do with kids and make them a part of these slow living habits.

Hands ready? Let’s go!

christmas cards | please consider | joana limao christmas cards | please consider | joana limao

  • the cutout card

Draw a simple figure with a pencil, cut out the interior of the image and move the scissors around gently to cut around your drawing.
Your can make some fun plays with the cutout and the text you choose to incorporate or just leave it blank and write in a hidden part, like I did with the star card.



christmas cards | please consider | joana limao

  • the classic potato stamp card

Great to make with kids, simply cut potatoes (or sweet potatoes, carrots, turnips, parsnips… Any veggie with a solid inside) in half, cut out a simple design like a heart, star, tree, bells.
Lay your favourite colours of watercolour or acrylic paint and, with a brush, paint the image you just sculpted or just dip it in the paint.
You’re now ready to stamp away all your Christmas cards!




christmas cards | please consider | joana limao christmas cards | please consider | joana limao

  • the put some green on it card

I’m very much into anything plant-related these days so of course I absolutely love this card idea and I think I’ll use it this year.
Poke two thin holes in the upper part of the card and insert a small branch of pine, cedar or another leaf you love.
Also a great DIY for place tag holders on the dinner table!



christmas cards | please consider | joana limao christmas cards | please consider | joana limao

  • the beautiful calligraphy card

For me, this requires Christmas music in the background, candles and a good two hours ahead. Practice your calligraphy with easy-to-follow youtube tutorials, invest in some brushes and watercolors + good quality paper and you’re good to go.
I always seek inspiration for the quotes in the Christmas songs I most love. They all have beautiful messages and it’s always nice to spread them around.



I hope you make your own cards this year and this served as a good source of inspiration.

Tag your creations on Instagram with #PleaseConsiderXmas!


with love,


christmas cards | please consider | joana limao

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